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 Alice’s Kitchen is a one-person operation.  Although pastry and baking has always been a passion for Alice, her professional culinary training came later.  She started with a BS in Business Management and Economics, worked financial jobs for years, and then fulfilled a dream by completing a 9-month, full time Culinary Arts program, followed up by a 3-month Pastry Arts program.   Upon completion of her schooling and 2 externships (one in Culinary and one in Pastry), Alice worked at a small culinary school on the NH seacoast in their new pastry shop, worked culinary events and cooking parties, and taught children’s cooking classes there as well.


Alice's Kitchen has been wholesaling pastry in the Upper Valley of Vermont since November of 2014 but the transition to cooking classes was always part of the plan.  Please visit our cooking classes page to read about the custom classes offered in this unique setting, located in Corinth, Vermont.   

To get started creating your custom cooking class email us today @ alice@aliceskitchen.com

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Cooking classes

There are two ways to enjoy being in Alice's Kitchen -  One can create a custom menu and cook or bake what you want to, or peruse our scheduled cooking classes for something that peaks your interest. 

Either way, it a hands-on experience in a timber frame kitchen, high on a hill top in Vermont, with a postcard worthy view. Spend time in the kitchen, preparing the food, and then enjoy the fruits of your labors as you taste it !  

  Great for 2 to 8 people. Price varies with the menu and the recipes are yours to keep.  Classes include all food, equipment and supplies. 

Most of our classes are custom classes.  That way you can schedule it when it's convenient for you and cook or bake what you'd like to!   We have lots of ideas to help you craft your own class to make sure you get the most out of your experience in the kitchen.   Contact us today to start planning your own class !

Along with traditional cooking and baking, we love, and have experience with, gluten free, paleo, and plant based eating !

Pure Local Goodness ~Pure Local Fun

Local Love ~ Vermont has so many delicious local foods !  We work hard to incorporate as many as possible into our small cooking school.  For our pastry classes, we purchase our eggs, maple syrup, butter, and most flour locally.  For our cooking classes, we purchase meats, cheese and veggies, in season, from nearby farms.  We like to support local and we want you to experience what Vermont has to offer. 

As big believers in the Slow Food Movement, all of our products are hand made locally in small batches from scratch, and with only the finest of ingredients. No skimping on quality ingredients. No short cuts. Just pure goodness. A quality we're sure you will appreciate.  

Alice's Kitchen can help with small catering jobs and special pastry orders.  Please use our contact us page to inquire.


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