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Alice's Kitchen offers custom cooking and baking classes in a very unique environment.  Custom tailored cooking classes are available for gatherings of friends and family of all ages, and corporate team building.  Enjoy a hands-on cooking experience in a timber-frame kitchen, high on a Vermont hilltop.   Design your own menu and at a day and time convenient for you.  


Just bring yourself and have fun !

Alice's professional culinary training came as a second career.  She started with a BS in Business Management and Economics, worked financial jobs for years, and then fulfilled a dream by completing a 9-month, full time Culinary Arts program, followed up by a 3-month Pastry Arts program.   Upon completion of her schooling and 2 externships (one in Culinary and one in Pastry), Alice worked at a small culinary school on the NH seacoast in their new pastry shop, worked culinary events and cooking parties, and taught children’s cooking classes there as well.  

A life-long learner, and very interested in the growing plant based movement,  Alice spent much of last year taking a nutrition course to get certified as a Holistic Nutritionist (as of March 2019).

To get started creating your custom cooking class email us today @ alice@aliceskitchen.com

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Cooking classes

There are multiple ways to enjoy being in Alice's Kitchen -  One can create a custom menu and cook or bake what you want to, or peruse our suggested cooking classes which may peak your interest. 

Either way, it a hands-on experience in a timber frame kitchen, high on a hill top in Vermont, with a postcard worthy view. Spend time in the kitchen, preparing the food, and then enjoy the fruits of your labors as you taste it !  

  Great for 2 to 8 people. Price varies with the menu and the recipes are yours to keep.  Classes include all food, equipment and supplies. 

 Want to try our new Chocolate Birthday Celebration ? (it doesn't actually have to be anyone's birthday, you can just LOVE chocolate)  See the full description below. 

Plant based and gluten free  options available.  


The Plant Based Movement

The Plant Based, whole food movement, is growing fast and we are big supporters !   As a certified Holistic Nutritionist, Alice has educated herself in the details of  the benefits of eating plant based and how to do it.  As with many things, there is a learning curve, and that can be daunting.  Well we have done the work for you !  We have made this transition ourselves, and would like to make it easier for you with our plant based cooking classes.   

We can help with building that transition into your daily life in a way that is not so overwhelming.  We have tricks and tips and recipes that are easy and quick for every day life.  Whether you want to try just a little bit or dive right in, give us a try and book a custom class to start learning today  !

Alice's Kitchen welcomes special pastry orders and offers a fresh approach to Corporate Team Building.   Please use our contact us page to inquire.


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